"K"Line Hong Kong



1. Arrival Notice will be sending to notify party via fax, Email or
ordinary mail in accordance with the information on B/L normally
before vessel arrives.
2. The arrival notice(s) contain(s) majority shipping information of
the shipment including all payable charges to be settled locally.

In exchange for Delivery Order/Release Order, customers need to
ensure in possession one of the following documents on hand:

properly endorsed original bill of lading or
Bank Guarantee or
In the event of sea-way bill, either an authorized signed way-bill or an authorized signed shipping guarantee; or
A single letter of shipping guarantee if the original bill of Ladings being surrendered at loading office

All charges shall be settled by company cheque, bank n or
cashier order made out to K-Line (HK) Ltd.
Please prepare bank n or cashier order for payment of amounts
Exceeding HKD50,000.00. Ordinary company cheque not to be accepted.

5. Import licences, if needed, should be submitted to carrier prior
to the issuance of Delivery Order/Release Order.
6. The laden container should be delivered within the prescribed
free time. Delivery effect after free time will be subject to
overtime storage. In case CY with overall storage over 20 days or
over HK$20,000.00 must be paid by bank n or provide us original
bank slip to our cashier counter to complete the payment process.
7. The empty container should be returned to the designated depot
within the allowed period. Should the empty container return
beyond allowed period, the detention charges must be paid
before the empty is to be accepted.